Sepulveda Gifted/High Ability Magnet Middle School shares the campus of Sepulveda Middle School. Maintaining some of the highest test scores in the district, the magnet school stresses an interdisciplinary approach to humanities with an equally high emphasis on Math, Science, Technology and Fine Arts.

Sepulveda Gifted Magnet was established in 1978 and has an experienced, highly qualified faculty and extensive resources at our disposal. We are very proud to say that approximately 60% of our teaching faculty have advanced degrees beyond their bachelor's degrees. Our highly qualified staff of teachers teach in the academic area in which they received their college degrees (for example, our math teachers were math majors in college, etc.). As a result of our cohesive faculty, each academic department develops and maintains articulated goals from grades 6 through 8 with formal evaluations and expectations.  We continually make use of technology, and are pleased this year (2009-2010)  to incorporate "Smart Boards" and Document Readers in our magnet classrooms.  

As a gifted magnet, our student population is composed of students who have been identified gifted by the state of California (approximately 80% of enrolled students are identified gifted) or high achieving students based on standardized test scores. What this means is that your child will be in classes with the best and brightest students in the valley. Highly qualified teachers plus academically gifted and capable students is a winning combination. Sepulveda Gifted Magnet offers a rigorous, challenging, academic program as well as rich elective and extra-curricular opportunities. We are on a single track calendar, which begins in September, and ends in June.  Please return to this website often and check for updates, coming events, and lots of pictures of our great students!

If you have any questions about our outstanding gifted magnet program, feel free to give us a call at (818) 920-2165.  Mrs. Jan Bartlett, our magnet coordinator, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.